Yesterday Ariel Helwani had a special edition of “The MMA Hour“, and it featured just a single guest – Nate Diaz.

As expected, Diaz spoke hot fire on everything. Some of the more salient points of the interview included:

  • His meeting in Stockton, C.A. with Dana White didn’t end that badly. No deal was finalized on the Conor McGregor rematch, but talks of White storming off were overblown.
  • People confuse him with his brother Nick all the time. He just goes with it.
  • McGregor is using all of this Mayweather talk to cover up the fact that he just got his ass beat.
  • He doesn’t mind McGregor putting off the rematch, as the Irishman has some catching up to do. McGregor is about just a purple belt in jiu-jitsu after all (Diaz is a black belt).
  • Fighters need to start asking to be paid what they’re worth and stop saying they’ll fight anyone for free. There are all sorts of VIPs in the front row at UFC events, and fighters are entertaining them – they need to be compensated accordingly.
  • So many curse words. So, so many.

The interview is a must-watch. Do it. DO IT.