UFC lightweight number one contender Nate Diaz has said that he won’t get a decision win should his championship fight with champion Benson Henderson go the distance at UFC on FOX 5 on Dec. 8th. The Stockton native says that he will go out to finish his opponent, in order to avoid leaving it in the hands of the judges.

“I don’t think I’ve got a chance of winning any type of decisions,” Diaz said. “I gotta go out there and I do what I can do and try to finish my opponent and be the better fighter and win the fight. Either way, if it does go to a decision I’m gonna be the one out-scoring, out-pointing and out-doing him.”

Speaking to Inside MMA on HDNet, Diaz’s head coach Cesar Gracie spoke of how their camp unfortunately are in the situation of having to finish fights, and how when a Diaz is involved in a decision, they never seem to go their way.

“They’re gonna fight their hearts out anyway [when asked about fighting to finish], for the team, for themselves and for the fans. That’s not gonna change,” an adamant Gracie proclaimed. “At the end of the day I think that’s what we all respect so much about these guys … I’ve never really seen a close decision where the nod is given to the Diaz [brothers]. If it’s close, they’re going to lose.  I don’t know why, maybe the judges don’t care for them that much.”

With Henderson being somewhat of a decision specialist during his time in the UFC, and with Diaz previously struggling against another strong wrestler in Rory MacDonald, it would seem as if Diaz, Gracie and co. are maybe already making excuses before the fight has even begun. With Nate and Nick Diaz both losing very close and controversial decisions in the past to Gray Maynard and Carlos Condit respectively, their paranoia may have some foundation to it.

One thing they do have right though, is that Diaz will more than likely have to finish Henderson to win this fight, something that has been borderline impossible to do to one of the most durable and conditioned fighters in the sport today.