A year ago, Nate Diaz was just some dude on the UFC’s roster with a lot of fights and a lot of ups and downs.

Now he’s a superhero.

Obviously, taking a short-notice fight against Conor McGregor – and subsequently kicking his Irish ass – has turned Diaz into a star, but it was a long time coming given Diaz’s skills and persona.

And now the State of California has recognized him for his accomplishments. As per TMZ:

Nate Diaz got an official award from the People of California Monday night … recognizing his bad assness for his “upset” victory over Conor McGregor back in March.

Assemblyman Jim Cooper signed a resolution … declaring “the exploits of Nathan Diaz, a successful American mixed martial artist from Stockton, have been a source of great joy and pride to the people of the State of California.”

The award also describes Nate’s victory over Conor as “one of the biggest upsets in UFC history.”

Diaz is also hailed for his work with children, teens and adults at the jiu-jitsu center he runs in Lodi, CA — saying he instills the values of respect, sportsmanship and responsibility to his students.