During yesterday’s airing of AXS TV’s Inside MMA, title contender Nate Diaz was seen talking with Ron Kruck on his title fight with Benson Henderson. According to Nate he’s looking to bring a belt home to his camp. On second thought, ‘f—‘ the belt, says Diaz, it’s about beatingĀ  the number one guy. And no, its not Anderson Silva for Nate Diaz, but the current lightweight title holder.

I train with guys just like that, strong guys, athletic guys, that are good. It’s definitely gonna be a good, hard fight. Now it’s time to fight for a title and I’m gonna do what I could to win that belt for my team. F— the belt. I’m trying to beat the number one guy in the world and that’s him right now.”

Another interesting note that sounds somewhat contradicting. Diaz admits that he believes Edgar won the fight against the champ, but was not looking forward to fighting Edgar as they have trained in the past together.