Gone is the Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller who cracks jokes, talks of monkeys, and is more puffed up on his own ego than Donald Trump. Yes, it seems Mayhem Miller is finally taking the sport as serious as many of his fans have wished he would before. Miller had the chance to capture a belt when facing Jake Shields, but didn’t. He came into the UFC, attained a spot as a coach on the Ultimate Fighter without one fight in the octagon since a loss to GSP, and had a chance to knock off the cocky Michael Bisping. Mayhem didn’t succeed, and seemed to fade from existence.

Not for too long though, because he’s back and is serious. From the look of the video, Miller is taking this fight like it’s his last. Which may be true since he promised to retire if he loses. He seems to have invested a lot of time, money, and energy into this training camp and soon enough we will see if he stuck to his word. By the looks of things, Mayhem seems to be ready for the challenge. Let’s hope his more serious approach can breathe new life into his career.