Joe Rogan is a cool dude. No, really, he’s pretty damn cool. Obviously, you know him as the UFC’s main color commentator, and you likely have listened to his podcast (or you at least know that he does one). But he’s also been a stand-up comedian since forever (I’ve been to one of his shows – they’re hysterical), and maybe you even watched him on the sitcom “NewsRadio” back in the late ’90s.

However, in case any of this is news to you, Rolling Stone has you covered with a sweet profile on the jiu-jitsu- and marijuana-loving hombre so dear to your hearts.

In fact, the article provides some deep insight into how much drugs Rogan does, which might turn some people off, but hey, he’s Joe Rogan.

And sometime soon, he’ll find himself at a friend’s house, half sprawled in the easiest of chairs, eyes shut, having just removed a smoking pipe from his mouth, breathing with purpose, while brilliant colors, shapes and swirls fall over him, rendering him helpless, until a few minutes later he is returned to Earth a happier man, a “more compassionate, more aware, more vulnerable” man, a better husband to his wife and father to his three kids, and so forth. Of all the psychedelics he’s a fan of, his favorite is DMT, which Hunter S. Thompson once said was “like being shot out of a cannon.” Rogan loves it, thinks everyone could benefit from it, often uses his podcast to fulminate positively on its various perception-enhancing benefits. He has been compared to Timothy Leary because of this, which he wouldn’t know anything about, since he hates labels.

Read the rest. Gain some insight into the man who shapes so much of how MMA is perceived by the masses.