Mixed martial arts ebbs and flows, both in terms of popularity and success. This has always been so, and always be so.

But what does that mean in regards to Irish MMA, which saw an explosion in popularity and success in recent years, but may be on the downswing now.

MMAJunkie tackles this issue with a great, well thought-out piece on the subject. Here’s a sample:

“To be perfectly honest, it was only a matter of time before the bubble burst,” [Neil] Seery told MMAjunkie. “I said it to a couple of people last year that when a country is on a high – you’ve got this many athletes in the UFC and everybody looking in at it – the bubble will burst. Obviously that’s the case at the minute.

“We’ve only got four fighters left in the UFC at the minute: Conor, myself, ‘Ais’ (Aisling Daly) and Joseph Duffy. It’s like everything else – the Irish will have it good for a while, tough for a while, and then it’ll come good again. And I believe it will.”

Still, the Carvalho news was especially jarring.

“The death of Joao Carvalho a couple of weeks ago puts a bad taste in people’s mouths with MMA in Ireland,” Seery said. “You’d be lying to say it doesn’t frighten you. Stuff like this always frightens you, but my outlook is that it was a freak accident, and it just so happened to be in Ireland. It was destined to happen around the world, and it will be destined to happen again.

Check out the rest of the article. It’s a must-read.