The prospect of defeating UFC female bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey is one probably all women fighters out there wish they could accomplish.

The notoriety that would go along with being the first person to hand Rousey an “L” inside the cage would make a career.

Now, it can also improve the bank account of that fighter if should can knock Rousey out.

Americana MMA put out an offer of $5,000 to the first person that can knock the former Olympian out, and made sure to direct the Twitter post to the account of Alexis Davis. Davis will challenge Rousey later this year for the belt.

The “bounty” was made in regards to comments made by Rousey about Cris Cyborg. “Rowdy” called into question any talk of the UFC bringing in Cyborg because of her previous failed drug test for an anabolic steroid. The story has picked up steam, as you can see by the amount of replies provided to the Americana Twitter handle.

On the Americana Facebook page, a post was made in reference to the UFC taking action against male fighters Matt Mitrione and Matt Brown. Mitrione made derogatory comments about Fallon Fox, who was born a man but currently fights in the female division, while Brown said he thought female MMA would be more exciting if fought topless.