Jon Jones continues to stack up enemies as yet another UFC peer calls him out. Apparently UFC heavyweight Matt Mitrione does not approve of the ‘arrogance‘ of Jones and would love no more then to be the first heavyweight to welcome the champ in his eventual transformation to heavyweight.

“Over time he (Jones) went from a pretty cool guy, humble, to as arrogant as I can handle,” Mitrione said. “He seems really disingenuous, blah, not my flavor of a human being. I even told (UFC matchmaker) Joe Silva, if he talks of going to heavyweight, I’d love to welcome Jon Jones to heavyweight. I’d love to try and punch you in the face.”

The former NFL athlete sounded confident in his mixed martial arts abilities during his interview on the MMA Hour.

“Yeah, I think I can beat Jon Jones. I think on a good day I can beat anyone in the world.”

“I’m not a fan of Jon Jones as a person, but I like him as a fighter. He’s athletic, has a lot of talent. As a fighter, I understand why he said `No,’ (to fighting Chael Sonnen at UFC 151). He has a lot to lose. But a lot of people are correct.”

As most of the MMA community feels, Mitrione also does not agree with Jones’ refusal to fight at UFC 151.

“You’re being paid a pretty ridiculous amount of money, branded the face of UFC, the face of a new division at Nike, there’s some responsibility you have. At some point it doesn’t matter who it is, let’s get down and dance.”

“I don’t see Alistair Overeem, Junior Dos Santos, or Cain Velasquez saying no to a fight with any heavyweight,” said Mitrione. “I think that Jon should have taken it because of the situation he’s been put in and what he’s been given. To whom a lot has been given, a lot is expected.”

Mitrione is now schedules to battle newcomer Phil De Fries at the end of the year Dec. 29 card. The fight comes after over a year layoff, following his loss to Cheick Kongo at UFC 137 in Nov. 2011.

“I made good money with the UFC, but I haven’t fought in 10 1/2 months, so I am so strapped for cash,” he said. “I’m living on my savings from my NFL money, my reasonable human being money.

“Financially, it’s rough,” he said. Thank God UFC paid me as well as they did while I was fighting. The money carried me for nine-and-a-half to ten months. I made maybe $6,000 this entire year. But I haven’t had to borrow money from anyone. I live reasonably. But if UFC didn’t pay me as well as they did, I’d have been broke six, seven, months ago.