Earlier this week Frank Mir appeared on Inside MMA to talk about his upcoming fight with current UFC heavyweight champ Junior Dos Santos.

Recently, JDS had some choice words for Mir stating that he “lacked courage when things got tough.” Mir in turn gives his feelings on how he feels JDS handles his bouts.

“The only difference I feel with dos Santos is that dos Santos is the better boxer, you know, quicker hands. He just isn’t as multifaceted as Velasquez is. As far as, when you fight dos Santos, I don’t think it’s any secret: he has no chance of winning the fight if it goes to the ground. The only time that I’ve ever seen him take a shot is if he’s pretty handily winning the fight and I think he just does it just for maybe a change of pace, to throw something out there.

“But as far as when you see people engage him, he’s a throw-punches-and-run kind of guy. He doesn’t wanna sit there and get grabbed and taken down and he’s not gonna fight that battle. If he was capable of doing it, we probably would’ve seen it already.

“Fact is, he avoids it like it’s poison.”


Source: HDNet