Frank Mir (16-5) proves it was not luck as he once again defeats Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (33-7-1) at UFC 140 in front of Toronto, Canada at UFC 140. This time Mir pulls the submission via kimura that SNAPS the arm.  Here is the fights play-by-play.

Round one:
Nog the aggressor comes forward swinging, attempts the takedown. One underhook for Nog, he slips punches to the head. Mir reverses underhook and gets two good knees to the body. Mir is reversed on the cage and now Big Nog lands a knee. Mir gets the sweep to the ground and into half guard. Nog scrambles up and gets MIr against the fence. Plum Muay Thai for Nog and gets the knee to land. Nog follows with a punch that drops Mir! Nog goes for a submission but Mir quickly reverses in transition and gets the kimura and Nog rolls but Mir follows! Mir SNAPS with the kimura and Big Nog taps as it pops!

Mir now with his third straight victory since losing via KO to Shane Carwin is now likely a fight or two from championship contention.