Following Cole Miller’s unanimous decision win over Andy Ogle at UFC Fight Night 30 last weekend, the rugged vet turned more than a few heads by calling out “Colin McGoober”, and then referring to the rising featherweight as a “show pony.” In case you don’t know, Miller was talking about Conor McGregor, who has certainly captured more than a few headlines in recent months thanks to his actions both in and out of the cage.

In a recent appearance on “The MMA Hour”, however, Miller evidently spent a lot of time blasting the current state of MMA judging. It’s been a hot topic for Miller as of late, particularly since his last couple of losses have come via decision (and his recent loss to Manny Gamburyan was so controversial). As the well rounded vet noted on the show (quotes via MMA

“I knew I had to win,” Miller said, while discussing his recent win and the fact he had lost three of his last four bouts heading into UFC FN 30. “I’ve kind of been up and down, but I’ve only been up and down because of what some 50 and 60-year-old judges have said about my fights. If you actually went back and looked at them, as far as I’m concerned, this is four wins in a row.”

“These [officials] want to say that I ‘lost,’ but I’m the one doing all the damage.”

“They’re not even qualified to be making the calls they’re making,” Miller furthered. “That’s kind of disgusting and that’s really unfortunate in our sport, because it changes the whole landscape of our sport. When you have unqualified people judging mixed martial arts, it changes the way that mixed martial arts is actually fought, because fighters are now adjusting their styles to please people that don’t know anything about our sport.”

Miller certainly isn’t the only person who has a big beef with how many fights are scored. So, does this mean Miller didn’t talk about McGregor at all? Of course not. Miller was predictably asked about “Notorious”, and “Magrinho” still isn’t down with McGregor trash talking his ATT teammates like Nik Lentz and Dustin Poirier.  Miller did concede, however, that  McGregor is a “good fighter” but that:

“I don’t know if he’s overrated. That’s the problem. But I don’t think that he gets, after two fights — [not] even two finishes in the UFC — to just jump to the front of the line and fight these top name guys. You need to be tested, and be tested by a real seasoned fighter.”

Miller-McGregor might not happen, but it could be a heated and entertaining scrap if it ever does.

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