All good things must come to an end, and if you’re longtime cageside commentator Mike Goldberg, that end means an unceremonious exit from being a UFC staple.

There was no fanfare marking his departure, nor send off or some sort of moment taken to mark the occasion. Which, hey, the UFC is a business, and sometimes business sucks.

But today, on “The MMA Hour“, Goldberg talked a bit about what transpired on his last night on the job. It’s more than a little touching.

“We all sat there as the building was cleared, and we actually all got in the Octagon and did pictures,” Goldberg reflected. “Joe and I had a couple of big hugs. There were tears. There was confusion. Disbelief, for sure. Frosty, our longtime audio guy, it was his last show. It was Kru Mark DellaGrotte’s last show. Again, going back to the family, and it was emotional. Being with my stage manager for all of those years, we did pictures. We haven’t done pictures in the Octagon in about 100 years, but (we) did that night. And we all went back to the dressing room, and Bruce Connal, our longtime producer, and Anthony Giordano, we all just sat there for about an hour and we just shook our heads. Like, how is this happening? How is this ending? Back to the shock and disbelief.

“But we cherished that time together, and like I said, there were hugs, there were tears. But there’s one thing for sure, and there’s one thing that will never be taken away, and that’s our friendship, and that’s the great run and the memories that we’ve had together.”