One of the many criticisms of former middleweight contender Chael Sonnen now jumping into a title fight with light heavyweight champ Jon Jones is that he couldn’t possibly have enough packed on weight to use his wrestling game on the ‘larger’ opponent. Contrary to popular belief, we actually heard Jones say in a recent TUF interview that Chael is heavier than him now – which is surprising, considering Jones has been saying he is looking to move to heavyweight in 2013. Not only is Sonnen’s April opponent speaking on his gained weight, as now nutrition specialist to Sonnen, Mike Dolce has chimed in.

Dolce had also told the media in Sonnen’s last fight that he came in 218 pounds against Anderson Silva, which makes the transformation seem more plausible. This is also not Sonnen’s first venture up to the 205 division either. He is a former light heavyweight champion of Gladiator Challenge, which was impressively followed by five straight victories. Could Sonnen be fighting at a more optimal weight at 205 now?