Mike Brown looked great in his fight against Daniel Pineda this weekend, but that hasn’t stopped him from contemplating retirement. He says that he has been thinking about retiring since his loss to Rani Yahya. Brown mentions that his body felt great in this fight, but he has had many injuries and almost was set to retire after this fight, regardless of the outcome. Now, he says his mind may have been changed after how well this bout went.

But why not go out on a high? Look at Chris Lytle and Jorge Rivera who both retired on their own accord regardless of how good they looked in their last fights. It would be nice for him to not go out on the undercard, but somewhere on the main card like he deserves. Mike is a former featherweight champion in WEC, and truly brought legitimacy to the division, showing it had the depth and ability to create feuds during his fights with Urijah Faber. If he is to retire it would be nice for his fans to be able to see him go out in style.