He said he would take two weeks to decide, but Mike Brown took a little longer to contemplate his fight future. Finally, Brown has come to a decision, and is not retiring, but instead signing a new five fight contract. Brown was originally contemplating retirement because he felt slow and unable to compete in the octagon. Luckily, in his last fight he felt as if he was competing at the level that made him a champion in the WEC.

Mike Brown originally made waves by defeating then WEC champion Urijah Faber by knockout, at a time when Faber was thought to be unstoppable. He was able to defend his title twice before losing it to Jose Aldo. After that Brown traded losses and wins going 2-3 amid problems in his personal life, and not being able to train at a consistent level. Now, he is currently riding a two fight win streak, but does not have any fights lined up as of now. Brown’s signing of a new contract does secure that he will have plenty more fights in the octagon to come.