A UFC pay-per-view headlined by Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier is a very different animal than a UFC pay-per-view headlined by Demetrious Johnson and Henry Cejudo. After all, with Johnson in the marquee spot, only a fraction of the UFC’s fanbase would be inclined to tune in; with Jones at the helm, everyone tunes in.

Unfortunately, Jones is currently languishing in a jail cell in New Mexico, so the possibility exists that it could be “Mighty Mouse” and Cejudo in UFC 197’s top spot.

Johnson doesn’t think that will be the case, but even if it does come to pass, he’s ready. As per MMAJunkie:

“It’s not a concern of mine at this point,” Johnson told MMAJunkie. “I’m sure Jon Jones is going to be there. It’s just a court date. If he would have hit another person or something like that, I would be a little more worried. But I think Jon Jones is going to do what he needs to do to make it there April 23. If I have to step up and be the main event, it wouldn’t be the first time. I’ve done it multiple times, and I’ll do it again.”

With Jones appearing before a judge today, we’ll soon know for sure what UFC 197 will bring us.