Miesha Tate’s manager Malki Kawa has suggested that his fighter and former Strikeforce champion deserves just as much credit as her rival, UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey, for the momentum women’s MMA is currently enjoying. [via MMAJunkie.com]

Kawa compared Rousey’s case to that of Muhammed Ali, but was quick to reiterate that Ali wouldn’t have made it without Joe Frazier.

“If Ronda is the reason why Dana [White] decided to do the women’s division, then Ronda gets the credit for it. But Muhammed Ali was nobody without [Joe] Frazier. I think Ronda is nobody without Miesha.”

“If it wasn’t for the Tate/Rousey beef, I don’t think we have a women’s division [in the UFC]. So I give just as much credit to Miesha as I do Ronda.”

With both rivals now officially in the UFC and preparing for their respective debut bouts against Liz Carmouche (Rousey) and Cat Zingano (Tate), a rematch is surely inevitable according to Kawa.

“If Miesha fights this one and she wins, we’ll be right back in that picture for a title shot,” Kawa said. “I think Miesha vs. Ronda is the fight everyone is looking for. I think it’s the biggest fight the UFC can make right now.”

While most fans would argue that a fight against ‘Cyborg’ Santos would be more desirable, the fact of the matter is that that fight is just not realistic in the near future for many reasons. So Kawa would be in the right suggesting a Rousey/Tate rematch is the best outcome for the UFC’s new women’s division right now.