For those of you who had money on the Olympic wrestler being too much for the lady known as “Cupcake”, kiss those precious pesos goodbye. Miesha Tate just took Sara McMann’s best, and kicked her butt anyway.

In the opening frame of their three-round fisticuff – which headlined the prelim portion of the UFC 183 card on FOX Sports 1 – McMann blasted Tate with a right hand that sent the former Strikeforce champ down Main Street of Stumblesville. The subsequent ground and pound bonanza had Tate on bottom, eating leather like it was her new diet.

But Tate rallied in Round 2, and whatever striking edge and grappling advantage McMann had seemed to wield early on evaporated like a mirage a desert highway. What followed was a beating, both thorough and unkind, and by the third round and all the way to the end, Cupcake was on top in side-control, raining down the kind of punishment that tends to break people.

Though McMann hung in there to the bitter end, she ultimately lost the majority decision (the scorecards were closer than the bout actually was). What now for her? And what now for Tate? Both ladies have already lost handily to champ Ronda Rousey (Tate having lost twice).

It seems that whatever the future holds for these ladies, a title shot probably isn’t that forthcoming.