She has essentially proven herself to be one of the best in the UFC’s female bantamweight division, but two losses to champ Ronda Rousey has sort of put Miesha Tate in a weird place. After all, she can defeat just about everyone else, but when it comes to a title fight, she’s stuck banging her head against a brick wall.

So Tate was passed over for another shot at Rousey in favor of undefeated (but untested) Holly Holm getting the shot at UFC 193, and Tate is still pretty bummed over it. As per ESPN:

“I understand why they want to make the Rousey-Holly fight, but that doesn’t change the way they handled it,” Tate said. “I think it happened the way it did because they didn’t want to risk the information getting out, but in a way, that’s also insulting to me. I’ve been fighting for a long time, and I’ve proven my character. I’m a professional, and I can separate my disappointment from my actions.

“I don’t think the UFC did this to be malicious, but I also don’t think they gave me any consideration. This was another day in the office to them, but to me it’s like, ‘You just ruined my life,’ and I feel like they need to understand that a little.”

What does this all mean? Is Tate thinking of retiring?

“I fear that they want me to fight all the other top girls, and the connotation is that if they beat me, they get a title, but if I beat them, it’s ‘bring on the next one.’ Essentially, I feel like they have deemed me as a gatekeeper, and that’s fine for a while because I put myself there. I won and lost those fights. But there has to be some light at the end of that tunnel. If there’s not, what is my future in this sport?”

When asked to clarify whether she would seriously consider walking away from the sport because of what’s happened, Tate took a long pause.

“It’s a very fine line,” Tate said. “All I can say is I don’t want it to go in that direction, but anything is a possibility. If it’s clear there’s no way for me to get a title shot as long as Ronda has the belt, then I don’t know. I suppose I have to look at my options. And that’s not saying I will retire, but it’s something I’d have to think about.”

For the longest time Anderson Silva was the unbeatable king of the middleweight division, and everyone else was stuck trying to climb the ladder knowing that the man at the top rung wasn’t moving. But eventually the king was dethroned. It happens, it just takes time. Tate should just be patient.