If you had a chance to catch the second episode of The Ultimate Fighter on Wednesday, you saw a very emotional Ronda Rousey following her fighters loss to Miesha Tate’s fighter. So much in fact that Rousey would confront Tate after the fight and let her know that she will pay for every smirk she made after the fight. Perhaps this is the type of showing that Rousey was unhappy with when saying she would not do another season for millions. Here is what Tate had to say on what she learned about her opponent from the show.

“I realized that she is very, very, very emotional,” Tate said. “I would even go as far as to say emotionally unstable. When my team’s going through ups and downs, I want to be the stable one that they look to and find strength in. That was my goal. I didn’t necessarily see that from her all the time. She came off a little unstable. She is emotional, she did care [about her team], but I do see that as a weakness.”

“It’s pretty much downhill from here on out,” Tate said. “I’m not perfect. You guys are going to see moments where I break or I have an issue or where we butt heads, and I’m not as easygoing or able to just brush it off because it’s not the easiest thing to do. Really it’s not. When someone’s in your face all the time and especially me being a competitor and whatnot, it takes a certain level of professionalism and patience. I had to remind myself to be very patient.

“There are times where you’re going to see me not be perfect, but I don’t claim to be perfect, so I just did the best that I could to stay true to myself and try to deal with her the best way possible. And I think it pissed her off a lot of the time because for the majority, she was not able to get the reaction that she was used to getting from me.”

“I think I know the real Ronda Rousey,” Tate said. “She’s cool if you’re her friend and whatnot, but the fact that she could treat random people as poorly as she does – I’m talking about the producers, I’m talking about the camera guys, I’m talking about myself, I’m talking about just other people that I’ve witnessed her work with and how difficult she is and how she always seems like she has a chip on her shoulder, that everyone’s out to get her.”

Source: MMAJunkie Radio