Miesha Tate has had her butt kicked by Ronda Rousey and Amanda Nunes, so she – more than anyone else – has a solid perspective on what both women are capable of.

And she’s predicting that when Rousey and Nunes clash at UFC 207, Rousey will win… provided she’s got her head on straight.

As per ESPN:

“I think if Ronda is at her height, I would probably say Ronda [wins],” Tate said.

“What’s so weird about this fight is all the X factors,” Tate said. “Amanda is a really tenacious fighter and I think she’s going to have a newfound confidence coming into this fight.

“I guess what I don’t know is how Ronda is going to show up. I’m pretty confident about what Amanda will show up, but Ronda — it has been such a long time. Ring rust can be a very real thing and how is she going to be as far as being punch-shy? She knows Amanda is heavy-handed and after being cracked by Holly, does that change the mindset of someone like Ronda who kind of believed, along with many others, she was untouchable?

“It’s hard to say who wins this because it kind of depends on what version of Ronda shows up.”