UFC 205 saw former champ Miesha Tate give an uninspired performance, get her ass kicked by Raquel Pennington, and then announce her retirement.

Yeah, it was a bit of a shock – no one was expecting Tate to hang up the gloves that night. But you have to wonder if this is a real, permanent retirement from the sport, or if it’s just the words of a fighter who needs a break.

I think it’s the latter. Why? Because Tate has worked hard to achieve what she has in the cage – and she’s achieved a lot – and burnout is a real thing that fighters have to deal with. She’s also a star, and stardom isn’t isn’t.

It may be a while, but after she’s rested, and has seen the sport going on without her for a bit, she will get that competitive itch. And then it will be a big deal that former champ Miesha Tate is returning.