TJ Grant didn’t take too kindly to being called out by Michael Johnson on Twitter recently.

Johnson stated that he felt Grant was “milking” his injury. The injury in question is a concussion that the top contender suffered last year while preparing to challenge then-champion Benson Henderson for the title.

“Hey Dana White if TJ Grant is still alive and not trying to MILK he’s injury and hold on to his ranking we need to fight soon!!,” Johnson posted.

Grant responded with “so much class,” to which The Ultimate Fighter alum backtracked quickly.

“Figured u were about ready to fight that’s all man no worried. Rest up! There’s plenty of guys for me to fight,” with the hashtag no disrespect.

It’s been a troubling time for Grant, as he worked his way into the role of No. 1 contender, only to have his career put on hold. The UFC, along with all other major sports leagues in the world, have taken a big interest in protecting athletes after concussions.