When Tyron Woodley says he wants only “big money” fights, it’s a bit annoying since he’s only been champ for a while and hasn’t really paid the kind of dues that warrant that kind of primadonna talk.

But when Michael Bisping says it, well, damn, Bisping has been in the game so long and paid for every inch gained with a ridiculous amount of blood and tears… I’d say Bisping has earned the right to ask for the fights that make him the most money.

Here’s Champions with the Bisping quote:

“I want the biggest fight I can get,” Bisping told us. “I don’t mind facing No. 1 contenders, but at this stage of my career, I’ve fought the best guys forever. I want the biggest fight it can possibly be. And by biggest, I mean the biggest money-generating fight I can possibly have. I feel I deserve that. I’ve earned that.”

What do you think? Has this middleweight champ earned the right to pick and choose?