Somewhat ironic, wouldn’t you say? After eye poking his last opponent Alan Belcher at UFC 159 in April, Michael Bisping has suffered a detached retina. Ironically, this is the same injury that Belcher had endured, only to be poked again by Bisping and have the fight stopped early. During last nights UFC Tonight, Ariel Helwani released the details of Bisping’s latest injury, keeping him out of the cage.

“After the fight against Alan Belcher, Michael Bisping completely lost all peripheral vision in his right eye. He went to see an eye on doctor on Tuesday and he found out that he had a detached retina. On Thursday, he had surgery to fix the detached retina. He’s hoping to return to the UFC in October.”

Bad news for the middleweight division as Bisping is a popular name to call out as of late. Bisping has refused Luke Rockhold’s request for a fight saying “try winning a fight before asking to fight me.” Shortly after, another former Strikeforce champ called out Bisping by the name of Cung Le. Bisping agreed that it would be a  great match, however he will need to recover from surgery, as well as a nerve issue in his vertebrae.

Photo via @ArielHelwani