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Anderson Silva got pulled from the upcoming UFC event in Shanghai, China, because he failed yet another drug test, and there’s an old school rap adage that seems quite fitting for Silva in this situation: ‘Yo homey, you played yourself.’

Former middleweight champ Michael Bisping agrees. Bisping has stepped in to face Kelvin Gastelum in Silva’s place, and in a media conference call, the Brit said he believes Silva has kind of tainted his own legacy with all these drug test failures.

As per MMAFighting:

“This completely destroys his legacy, in my opinion,” Bisping said Wednesday on a UFC Shanghai media conference call. “There’s a lot of people who have short memories and they’ll just remember his performances. His performances were great. But if you test positive for steroids twice — once, you can try to talk your way out of it; twice, I think the nail’s in the coffin. The guy was a cheat and it’s shame. It’s really, really disappointing. I was a huge fan of Anderson Silva. It’s just disappointing and it’s a black eye for the sport of MMA.”