Somewhere between the Dan Henderson KO and his definitive loss to Luke Rockhold, we figured out that TUF 3 Michael Bisping was never going to get a crack at UFC gold. And that’s fine for someone willing to mix it up and entertain the fans, but what about a fighter who’s been in the game for so long they remember when Dana White had hair? Time is a cruel and harsh mistress for those men, and with each passing year, those scraps get less fierce and less enjoyable to watch.

Thankfully, Bisping ain’t there yet.

For all three rounds of Bisping and CB Dollaway’s UFC 186 fisticuff, the action was sufficiently scrappy to warrant constant attention and even some admiration. They gave it their all – Dollaway dropping Bisping in the first and Bisping chipping away at him with superior boxing thereafter – and when all was said and done, it one thing was clear: “The Count” may be a bit older and slightly less dangerous than before, but he’s still got some wars left in him.

Bisping took the decision, and with the performance, has bought himself some time on a career that should conceivably be winding down soon. No, he’ll never beat the Rockholds and Chris Weidmans of the world, but it will be fun watching him battle against everyone else.