Michael Bisping and Tim Kennedy appeared to end their “beef” after Kennedy defeated “The Count” earlier this month. They shook hands and expressed pleasantries, but that seems to have been short-lived.

Luke Rockhold made it known that he would still like to settle his own differences with Bisping, and the Brit gladly would accept such a match.

“So Luke Rockhold called me out,” Bisping posted on Twitter. “I’m more than happy to oblige. At least he will fight not try and dry hump me. Let’s do this!”

The latter part of the comment was directed towards Kennedy, who took Bisping down time and time again in their five-round fight, earning a decision. The bout marked Bisping’s return after a year off due to an eye injury.

As you might have expected, Kennedy responded to those comments, posting on his own Twitter page that, “if you weren’t so loose I would’ve been done sooner… FYI Luke will smash you too.”

So, it appears as if these two are still not going to be sitting down for tea anytime soon.