Well, so much for not being a sore loser, because no more than a month after his knockout loss to Vitor Belfort, British middleweight, Michael Bisping is speaking out. At first “The Count” was very complimentary of Belfort’s finish, then was hesitant when the possibility of a failed drug test could have been Belfort’s, and now he seems to be calling into the question the validity of the stoppage.

“The referee stopped the fight. Fair play to him, congratulations. He was the better man on the night. But I was completely fine when I went down, and I think the referee stopped too soon, and I’d love a rematch someday.”

That is not the only thing that Bisping is mad about. He has always been an advocate for fighters competing without any performance-enhancers in their body, as he does not agree with the need for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). The people that use TRT, to him, are cheaters despite the allowed use of the performance-enhancer. Bisping points to Belfort specifically as a guy that has been caught for steroids once, but now is allowed to use them freely within reason.

“There’s probably like, 0.1 percent of the world that actually have low testosterone. But for some reason, a s—load of fighters have low testosterone. I don’t need testosterone. I’m a bad-tempered bastard in the best of times. He’s been busted for that in the past, and now he’s allowed to put steroids into his a–hole. What can I say? He’s a f—ing cheat. But I do want a rematch with the guy.”

In the end, Bisping knows he lost, and that a rematch will not come soon. For him the past is “the way it is,” and for him to get back to the top, “get my ass back in the gym, train my ass off and try and do what I can.”  – Quotes via MMAJunkie.com

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