TUF winner Michael Bisping has admittedly gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to fighting chemically-enhanced opponents. Dan Henderson damn near took his head off while on TRT. Based on his hormonal breakdown, Vitor Belfort wasn’t even medically human when they clashed. And God knows what Chael Sonnen was on. But we’ve seen Bisping hit his head numerous times on his competitive ceiling in the UFC’s middleweight division, so it’s safe to assume there is no way in hell he’s ever getting a whiff of a title shot while titans like Chris Weidman and Luke Rockhold are around.

Regardless, the brash Brit took the opportunity to talk trash about the champ when MMAJunkie stuck a mic in his face.

“No offense to Chris – and I say this to him all the time, as well, so he’s probably like, ‘I’m sick of Bisping,’” Bisping told MMAjunkie. “But I say all the time it’s been very circumstantial for him.”

“Mark Munoz came back after a long layoff and had a terrible performance,” Bisping said. “He beat Munoz. Then Chris laid out for two years or something like that, injured, then came back and got a title shot. Anderson Silva acted like an idiot, and he beat him for the title. Then Anderson broke his leg (in the rematch).

“Then (Lyoto) Machida came back, and I didn’t think that fight was very good. (Luke) Rockhold showed that Machida isn’t necessarily maybe what everybody thought he was. And then Vitor Belfort, (Weidman) gets to fight Vitor off the juice.”

“I respect Chris – of course I do,” Bisping said. “He’s a fantastic family man, fighter, and a great champion.

“Circumstances have allowed Chris to look like Superman, and I want to prove that I can be his kryptonite.”


I like Bisping. He fights well and is pretty amiable in person. But homeboy would get killed if he took on Weidman. Literally. Killed.