As any old school MMA fan knows, Michael Bisping isn’t one of the biggest names in the sport solely because of his impressive record and abilities, it’s also because he has a knack for saying things that rile up fans (depending on whether you’re a “Count” supporter or not, of course). In other words, in terms of self promotion and candidness, Bisping is right up there with Mr. Chael Sonnen.

Case in point, in a recent interview with MMA‘s “In Deep” series, Bisping was asked about Anderson Silva’s recent loss to Chris Weidman. The British fighter campaigned to fight the former champ for some time, but Bisping came up short in his bid to meet Silva, due to losses versus Vitor Belfort and Chael Sonnen. So, what did Bisping think of the now historic, UFC 162 clash, and Silva’s reign coming to an end? (Thanks to for the transcription):

“Obviously it would always be a dream of mine to fight Anderson Silva and be the guy to take the title, of course. Yeah I was a little disappointed and I’m not taking anything away from his win, but we all know Anderson Silva was acting like an idiot and he got knocked out. It would have been nice to be the guy that did it, so congratulations to Chris, he’s the new champion and certainly a formidable force at middleweight, but yeah, it stinks a little. I could have easily done that.”

Now to be fair, Bisping did go on to heap piles of praise on Silva, and also relayed he’s still interested in fighting the legend. So, Bisping may have meant he also could have tagged Silva if he did the showboating bit against him as well. Bisping also credited the new champ Weidman, however, the 34 year-old believes he’s a bad match-up for him, just as he is for Mark Munoz. Guess we’ll see.

Bisping will battle “The Filipino Wrecking Machine” at UFC Fight Night 30 on October 26th, which will go down at the Phones 4U Arena in Manchester, England.

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