England’s favorite fighter, Michael “The Count” Bisping comments on why competitive fighting is different than other sports, and how his few losses bring him no shame. Bisping’s confidence seems to still be intact and he claims it’s going to take a whole lot more than a loss to shun him away from the sport he loves. 

Michael Bisping:

“Fighting is different than other sports because you’re not competing as regularly. If a football player has a bad game, he’s allowed to do that because he plays once or twice a week. With fighting, it’s once every few months. So if you have a bad night, it gets built up. It’s not like my career is in shatters. I’m 18-2. The two guys I’ve lost to are former champions. There’s no shame in that. I do feel pressure in wanting to come back and perform, but it’s not like I’m finished as some people seem to think. It’s going to take more than one loss for me to hang up my gloves; that’s for sure.”

Bisping is definitely not a fighter you should ignore just because he suffered a crushing defeat once or twice, in fact he has only lost 2 times out of an impressing 20 fights, so why are people already acting like it’s the end for Bisping?! BJ Penn has a lopsided record in comparison yet he still makes top ten ranking charts. “The Count” is however coming off perhaps one of the most memorable/controversial knockouts in UFC history, getting demolished by a crushing Dan Henderson right hand/diving forearm combination at UFC 100 last July. Dan Henderson caught some flack in the aftermath for what some saw as a unessasary forearm attack to the obviously out cold Bisping. Dan was just furious with Bisping going into the fight for all the smack talk leading up to the fight, so naturally Dan wanted to send Bisping a message and I think he received it well.

The former TUF contestant refuses to be defined by the defeat and is determined to bounce back this Saturday against Denis Kang. How will he be defined after Saturday night? Only a few days away and we will find out for sure. I am certain we will see a relaxed refreshed, and re-invented Count, come fight time. Don’t count out “The Count,” he is still a very dangerous and skilled fighter. I predict a win for Bisping and I don’t think it will go to the cards.