Conor McGregor is no longer fighting for the UFC’s lightweight championship on March 5th, but according to Michael Bisping, the featherweight champ is one of “the luckiest men in MMA.” How’s that you ask?

As you’ve certainly heard by now, Rafael dos Anjos has reportedly dropped out of UFC 196 and his scrap with McGregor, due to a broken foot. As this is being written, the UFC has yet to announce RDA’s withdrawal, or what’s the plan.

Obviously, when you consider all the buzz that was tied to the fight, it’s a big setback for the UFC. After all, it was a fight that pitted two reigning champs against each other. It also didn’t hurt that it was set to feature one of the biggest names in combat sports, McGregor, against arguably the most underrated champion in the UFC.

Well, recently Bisping was asked for his take on the situation, and here’s what the middleweight had to say (quote via MMA

“As far as a replacement, Conor’s going to be at an advantage against whichever replacement they bring in simply because it’s extremely short notice,” Bisping said. “It’s only just over a week away. So Conor is one of the luckiest men in MMA. Of course he’s extremely talented, I’m not taking anything away from him, but he keeps getting these fights with guys on short notice. God bless him.”

How about that? Now McGregor did take on a short noticed Chad Mendes last July, and many folks have argued he benefited from that fact. Of course, McGregor’s boosters argue that the Irish star wasn’t preparing for a wrestler initially, had a knee injury in camp, etc, etc.

As Bisping alluded to, however, McGregor could end up facing someone who hasn’t had much, if any, time to prepare. If Donald Cerrone takes the fight, he’s coming off a quick win over Alex Oliveira on Sunday and is obviously in shape. But, there’s the issue of his weight, Would they do the fight at 155? If so, Cerrone would have to cut down here pretty quick, considering he just competed at 170.