As Strikeforce prepares to be put to bed, and its top stars look to trek to the UFC, the question of champions versus champions comes into play. The most highly touted talent to transition is of course Scrap Pack member, and Strikeforce lightweight champ Gilbert Melendez. With Dana White himself admitting that Melendez is likely next in line for a shot at Henderson’s UFC lightweight belt, it is obvious to see that the two will have a

“Benson is an amazing fighter, tough guy. Initially I wasn’t too impressed with his WEC days, but as soon he made his first appearance in the UFC, in I think Toronto, Canada against Bocek, I was really impressed. I’ve seen him improving ever fight since. He is an impressive guy, but I match up very well with him, and I think I can beat him. You’re hurt because your buddy lost, and I feel like Nate (Diaz) didn’t perform his best. He had some things going on. Benson did pop him in the eye. You want to whip the dudes ass, you want to beat him up. You want to avenge your team, avenge your homie, but much respect to the guy. Nothing personal, but you want a piece of him.” – Via

Melendez does admit he was very excited to hear his name come out of White’s mouth, but of course he does not want to get his hopes too high, since there is no official contract in his lap as of now.