Following a ‘heart-breaking’ and controversial loss against current UFC lightweight champ Benson Henderson, Gilbert Melendez is looking for the quickest path back to gold — even if i means a change in weight class. Following the transition from top lightweight contender Anthony Pettis for a title shot, the former Strikeforce champ wouldn’t mind following his lead if it meant a quicker road to a title shot. Melendez tells Knockout Radio that he is open to any top tier opponent, as long as they aren’t his former Strikeforce opponents.

“There’s a lot of good guys. Whoever is hot right now. Whoever is the hot dude who is closest to getting that title shot, I’ll take it. If it’s ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone, if it’s the loser between (Jose) Aldo and Anthony Pettis, if it’s Pat Healy, if it’s Joe Lauzon, Diego Sanchez, who is it? You let me know who will get me quicker to the top, but it would be a good matchup with all these guys. All these people are new faces for me. I just don’t want to fight Josh Thomson or Jorge Masvidal. I’m sure he wants to fight someone else, too, and so does Jorge. Those guys are going to prove that they’re legit.”

Understandable that he would not want to fight the same opponents he faced in Strikeforce. It shouldn’t be hard to match-up the exciting San Francisco scrapper, as he notes all the fresh blood of interest. Let us know below, who you would like to see Gil up against next.

Photographer: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports