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As far as Megan Anderson is concerned, whether she’s had one fight, 10 fights or no fights inside the Octagon doesn’t matter.

Anderson, a former Invicta FC champion, will make her debut at UFC 225 vs. former champion Holly Holm this coming Saturday night.

“The rest is all, ‘What if this person wins, what if that person wins’. That all doesn’t matter until the result of June 9 happens,” said Anderson during an interview with Submission Radio. “I’m young and up and coming, I’m improving with every fight, I’m getting better, I’m coming into my prime. I’ve been underestimated and the least experienced in every single one of my fights, so what’s new? If experience won fights then I’d be on a losing streak, but I’m not (laughs).”

A former member of the Australian army, Anderson is on a four-fight win streak that includes all four victories coming via TKO. She is 8-2 overall in her career and has not lost since 2015.

Anderson signed with the UFC last year to face Cris Cyborg, but the bout never happened.

“Yeah, I guess. l would say I never really had like the easy way. Even outside of fighting in my everyday life I kind of always kind of struggle and I always have a lot of shit things happen to me,” she said. “So I guess it kind of helps me because, in my opinion, what makes a true champion is someone who can use the pain and suffering that has happened to them and to channel that into something great and they can use that to become even better in their specific field or become an even better athlete or they channel that into being a better person.

“And I think that’s really something that I’ve learned over the last year and I’ve done a lot of self-reflecting and I’ve changed a lot through this process, and I think it’s really helped me to become not just a better martial artist, but in my mind I am a champion and I like to, I guess help other people realize that even though they may be going through shitty times or something hard or a break-up or whatever it might be, everyone can get through it and you’ll come out the other side stronger and even more of a greater person then you’re already are.”