While most of the fight world’s attention has been drawn to the utter destruction Holly Holm visited upon superstar Ronda Rousey en route to becoming the new champ (and rightfully so, as that’s huge news), lost in the shuffle is the result of UFC 193’s co-main event. In it, strawweight champ Joanna Jedrzejczyk went the distance with challenger Valerie Letoureau, with Jedrzejczyk emerging victories after five rounds.

It wasn’t a bad fight. It certainly wasn’t the blowout that was expected – which was due in no small part to Letourneau being tough as nails and game as hell. Though Jedrzejczyk was much faster with her combo and possessing of a scary kind of viciousness, the Canadian kickboxer took her lumps and kept at it. The champ turned her cheek into a mess, chipped away at her lead leg, and pretty much battered her, but Letourneau wouldn’t quit.

Was it as thrilling as Rousey versus Holm? No. Did the outcome send shockwaves throughout the sport? No. But Jedrzejczyk did the work and got the job done.

Okay, back to talking about Ronda.