Calls for judging in MMA to be reformed and improved is certainly nothing new, but it seems like the issue comes and goes in waves, in terms of heated discussion and debate. More recently, Cole Miller has been one of the more vocal critics, as the rugged fighter relayed he’s disgusted with having “unqualified people judging mixed-martial-arts.”

Interestingly enough, one of the fighters who also thinks the judging system needs an overhaul is Conor McGregor, who Miller recently called “Colin McGoober”. In fact, while speaking at a recent Q&A, McGregor said he’d be a fan of getting back to MMA’s old school roots (quote via Bloody

“It’s definitely good to put the judges under the spotlight and make them accountable for their actions. It will make guys more cautious and more hesitant to score the guy correctly. There is big business on the line here and a loss is crippling, know what I mean? Me personally, I would love to scratch it all and do no time limit, no separation, no nothing. Let the contest go and it’s over when it’s over. People say, ‘We want a finish!’ Trust me, someone will break, no time (limit), a man will break.”

It’s hard to argue that someone would “break” eventually, and there certainly would be more finishes, obviously, but clearly there’s no way that’s going to happen. McGregor certainly makes a good point about making judges more accountable. Hopefully steps are taken to educate more judges about what’s involved with MMA, and to put more of a scoring emphasis on damage that’s inflicted and techniques that are designed to finish fights (rather than stall them out).

As for McGregor, he’s still sidelined after undergoing knee surgery in September. The highlight reel striker says he’s hoping to return to action sometime in Spring, 2014.

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