Cub Swanson recently told Conor McGregor that he needs to watch his “damn mouth”, but evidently the rising featherweight didn’t get the message or doesn’t care…Yes, following his impressive, unanimous decision win over Max Hollway at UFC Fight Night 26, McGregor has let it be known, albeit in one word each, what he thinks of the UFC’s top 145’ers via Twitter.

Not long after news surfaced that McGregor’s coach John Kavanagh believes a bout with Diego Brandao sounds good, and the former TUF winner agreed, the official “Notorious’ Twitter¬†feed featured this post.

How about them apples? Chances are a few of these gentlemen and fans might not care for McGregor’s ‘analysis’. It’s also interesting to note that McGregor called Swanson old, when you consider the contender is 29 and McGregor is 25.

Of course, McGregor is one of the sport’s fastest rising commodities right now, not only because of his abilities in the cage, but because he’s also pretty gifted in the self-promoting department. Sure, some fans might not care for these comments or others McGregor’s made, but it gets people talking. Just ask Chael Sonnen how that’s worked out for his career.

It’s going to be interesting to see who the UFC books to fight McGregor next, and for that matter, whether some of these contenders request to fight him as a result of his ‘thoughts’ above.

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