A storms brewing between two of the UFC’s most compelling characters. 145 pound Conor McGregor may be out healing an injured knee, but that doesn’t stop the brash Irishman from calling out 155 pound warrior Diego Sanchez, following his insane war against Gilbert Melendez (video here).

“I’m too defensively intelligent. I’m too smooth. I’m telling you right now, he wouldn’t hit me once. He wouldn’t land one shot. Gil made him miss and capitalized but I’m a little more clinical. I would him him and then he’d hit the floor, trust me on that. Plus the guy’s about two punches away — he’s slurring his speech. I’m worried about the guy. Before I fight the guy, I want to see his medical reports. I don’t want to be the guy leaving him being fed with a tube for the rest of his life. But as I said, it’s easy money and money is my favorite.”

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Nice to hear that McGegor has concern for Sanchez’ health, even if it is in an insulting manner. The only bad news is that both men are currently out of commission. It’s great to hear a candid athlete, willing to give the controversial answers, instead of the same generic answers many other fighters give.