We recently saw Conor McGregor on the Ultimate Fight Night 26 card. He was put up against last minute injury replacement Max Holloway. This was a much tougher matchup than his original bout which was Andy Ogle, and many were looking forward to seeing how the much hyped Irishman would handle a sharp kickboxer. All questions were answered during the fight, as McGregor was able to outpoint Holloway with relative ease for three rounds.

McGregor had thirteen wins in his mixed martial arts career coming into the fight with Holloway. Impressively, twelve of these victories had come by way of KO/TKO.  The only question that some of us were left with after the fight was that if he is such a notorious finisher, why did he let Holloway slide after being able to neutralize any danger from him while standing? Well, now we have an answer to that question. McGregor reported that early in the second round he felt his knee “pop” and decided that it would be wise to stay cautious and simply get the W.

The initial report on the knee was that he would be out for four to six weeks, and that he was still holding out hope that he would be able to snag a spot on the upcoming UFN card being held in Manchester. Manchester is just across the sea from McGregor’s native country of Ireland, so naturally he was feeling confident after his win and excited for the possibility of his next fight being so much closer to home. He was so excited in fact, that he had already started to rock the boat in a few interviews by poking fun at almost all of the top ten fighters in his featherweight division. He stirred the pot, and was seemingly doing a professional job of keeping his buzz alive and kicking.

Then came the bad news. Dana White sent McGregor to see the UFC doctor and get his knee evaluated. On the UFC portion of the “FOX Sports Live” show White revealed that the prognosis for McGregor’s knee was much worse than expected. It turns out he sustained a tear in his ACL, a strain to his MCL, and a meniscal tear of his posterior horn. Not sure what that last part means, but the bottom line is that his surgery and recovery time just went from a maximum of around four weeks to a minimum of about ten months. This would put him out of commission until next summer. Bummer.