Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

The greatest thing Conor McGregor ever did wasn’t any particular win in the cage, it was demonstrating an ability to make us feel something – and not just feel something about him, but feel something about other people.

No one outside of the hardcore MMA fanbase gave a crap about Jose Aldo until McGregor created a rivalry, and carried that rivalry through a media tour until it went from simmering to boiling over. This is why, for the last few years, everyone has been clamoring to fight him, and why Floyd Mayweather realized meeting the Irishman in the boxing ring would be great for business.

In the Embedded episode below, we see some of McGregor’s magic in action. No one outside of the boxing fanbase gave a damn about Paulie Malagnaggi, but now there’s beef between him and McGregor? Once this Mayweather fight is in the rearview mirror, guess who will get the next shot at making millions upon millions of dollars?

Thus is the true power of Conor McGregor.