Recently departing from long-time Vegas camp, Xtreme Couture, Gray Maynard has returned to his wrestling roots, joining AKA to train with current Strikeforce champ, Luke Rockhold. Maynard clarified with ESPN’s MMA Live that there was no hard feelings in his departure.

“Xtreme Couture is still there in my heart. I grew up there throughout my career. I left there actually before my last bout. I needed a change. A change in camp, a change in sparring.”

Should Maynard prevail with his hand raised tonight in his bout against Clay Guida at UFC on FX, the former top contender plans to request a title shot or at least a top contender.

“All I can do is control now and that’s Clay. Afterwords I am going to ask for that. The belt, top contender, whatever it is.”

Regarding the current state of his trilogy with Frankie Edgar, Maynard believes that he deserves closure as they currently stand tied up 1-1.

“I think that would make it the best. It’s 1-1-1, we are all even. We got to have closure. That’s important. We’re all tied up. It’s the fourth fight. I don’t know if we’ve ever had that in the UFC.”