While Jason “Mayhem” Miller has retired from MMA he is still quite involved with the sport, and will forever be linked to it. He is quite possibly the most famous MMA fighter to the general public that did so while not being in the UFC. Unfortunately, he has seemed to have been struggling with his own personal turmoil as of late. From being found naked in a church, to strange comments on Twitter and now his appearance on The MMA Hour. This interview did not go the way Ariel Helwani wanted, or ever thought it would go.

Mayhem showed up sporting an outfit and persona that is supposedly inline, in what can only be a bit part, in the movie Here Comes The Boom. Yes, he is in the movie and the commercial, but that is a Kevin James movie. He would not drop the act professing to be his character, and to not be Mayhem. According to him Miller has disappeared. The interview progressively turned more and more awkward. Finally as things looked to circle, Mayhem walks off in anger with Helwani stopping the show to go talk to Mayhem.