“Ha ha ha, I got you,” was what we heard from Jason “Mayhem” Miller during a follow-up interview with friend Ariel Helwani for MMAFighting.com. After 15 years in MMA, Miller explains he feels done with the sport due to injuries, personal expectations and the current discriminatory Zuffa regime running the show. As for his recent strange actions, Miller explains that it was a situation blown out of proportion by TMZ and perpetuated by MMA media.

Miller attempts to hint at clarification by saying he was not naked, he was in a robe and he is in fact good friends with the pastor of the church he was arrested at. Helwani retorts by saying that the Police involved also verified TMZ’s story. Miller responds that Police blew situation out of proportion as well when they learned he was an “Ultimate Fighter.” As usual with two sides of a story, the truth usually lies between.

Miller continues to let the MMA community that he did have some low points, but he is actually in the best place in his life right now as he’s doing comedy and training as a hobby in New York currently.

Love him or hate him, his contributions in MMA eclipse most MMA fighters. The story of Mayhem in the public eye does not seem to be stopping though as he says he is now a committed actor and comedian.