Why Jason “Mayhem” Miller? Why must you live up to your moniker in such a salacious manner? The former athlete may have left the sport due to injuries, yet his life story is still one of concern. It was yesterday morning that Miller was arrested on alleged domestic violence charges according to the Orange County officials. He has since been released on a $0.00 bail according to the OC Jail public records (below).What?¬† Odd, since Mayhem has prior arrests for assault of his sister, (which was said to be horseplay) and a recent arrest for trespassing, when he was found in a church ‘nude’ with fire extinguisher spray on the walls.
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Our sympathies grow with every spiral down of Miller… If you haven’t heard Mayhem’s side as to why he is unable to compete — the story goes like this. Coming into the C.B. Dolloway fight, Miller had severley bum knees. Knees that required surgery. Assuming he would get the surgery after the fight, Miller obliged. Following the bout, he claims that the UFC’s insurance refused his surgery as they were prior injuries. Of course he was quickly cut as well, leaving him hopeless. Miller has since started focusing on his stand-up career and has even recently hinted at returning to fighting professionally as soon as he can afford the needed surgeries.