From mainstream popularity on the MTV show “Bully Beatdown,” to now being cut from his beloved sport. Jason “Mayhem” Miller (23-8 MMA, 0-3 UFC ) has had a rocky two years. His return to the UFC after six years was short lived, as he lost back-to-back in lackluster performances with Michael Bisping and C.B. Dolloway. Not only that, the antics that Miller is known for has contributed to his release, according to UFC President, Dana White.

Something happened backstage afterwards … ‘Mayhem’ is done,” UFC president Dana White said to a gathered group of media after UFC 146 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. When pressed about the specifics of the situation, White declined.

Miller put on his usual spectacle, as he walked out to the weigh-ins in a pink scarf, with pink boom box, and pink Hello Kitty underwear with patterns throughout his hair. Also, an unaired walk-out had Miller in Camo shorts, a beige vest (likely for Memorial weekend), and oddly a paper bag with a painted smile on it. 

After all the attention, Miller had come short against the wrestling pedigree of C.B. Dollaway. Miller came close to an early win, when he rocked Dollaway, but when his opponent weathered the storm, Miller’s knee injury proved to be a real problem as he collapsed on it early.

White, never a fan of the flashy style of Miller, admitted that he had always questioned the ranking of the Dream, and Strikeforce fan favorite.

“When you have all these other organizations and people start saying this guy is the best and starts getting ranked and he hasn’t fought the best guys in world yet … (this can happen),” White said. “That’s why I always call [expletive] on all these other organizations and their rankings.”

White has been very vocal on his disapproval of insincerity in the form of get-ups at his events. In the least, White feels the fight performance should be taken serious. Something he does not believe Miller had done.

“When you get embarrassed the way he did against Michael Bisping, then you show up in that pink whatever that thing was, I’m not into that stuff,” said White of Miller’s outfit, which included a pink boom box, pink boa, and pink Hello Kitty underwear. “It’s not my thing. I guess I don’t really care if guys do it because you see it at weigh-ins all the time. Just take this thing serious. If you want to be a clown do that stuff on your reality show.”