Holly Holm kicked Ronda Rousey’s ass at UFC 193, and now she’s the champ and everyone wants to see a rematch. The question is when, and with that query comes a number of factors, including when Rousey can be sufficiently recovered for the task and all parties coming to terms.

Obviously, the UFC wants Holm and Rousey to clash at UFC 200, which will give what is expected to be an epic show some serious drawing power. Rousey wants to get back in there ASAP. Holm, however, wants a fight before then, and has tossed about the idea of facing Miesha Tate.

Well, maybe Holm should wait for that Rousey rematch…

As per the New York Post:

“Financially, the Holly Holm fight with Ronda is the biggest fight for Holly Holm. Holly Holm’s going to make like $7 million,” Rogan said.

“She doesn’t want to wait, she wants to stay active and I totally understand that, and I think it should be her prerogative as a champion to choose. But financially that’s the smart move for her because she’s going to make the most money.”

For seven million bucks, Holm should wait. For seven million bucks, Holm should go on a world tour wearing a pink tutu.

What do you think – should Holm wait?