Although Alexander Gustafsson is coming of his biggest performance to date at UFC 165, “The Mauler” will reportedly not be returning to the gym that has been a driving factor in his success. Yes, it looks as though “The Mauler” has decided that he will remain in his native Sweden for future training camps, and as a result, he won’t be heading to California’s Alliance MMA anytime soon. Kind of surprising no?

Here is some of what Gustafsson had to say about why he made the decision, in a report from the Swedish publication Afton Bladet (translation via MMA

“Now I’m in that stage of my career that I will compete three or four times a year, so I can not hold on and go off all the time,” Gustafsson said. “It costs too much and it takes too much time away from my family. It’s simply not worth it.”

That certainly makes for a lot of time away from your family. The 26 year-old also noted that he plans to bring in top tier sparring partners, who can help him prepare for bouts alongside other Swedish fighter.

Now, since Gustafsson was training with fellow light-heavyweight contender Phil Davis at Alliance, naturally people will be wondering if that’s another reason for his departure. On that subject, Gustafsson stated:

“We belong to both the top, and that’s not a difficult guess that we’ll meet again soon,” he said. “It’s not a dream opponent because we are friends, but (if) UFC decides that we should meet … it feels better to not train together right now.”

That’s an understandable comment, as based off what each man’s been doing in the Octagon, another bout is certainly possible. If you recall, Davis tapped out Gustafssson with a first round Anaconda Choke at UFC 112. Gustafsson went on to win six straight afterwards.

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